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HVAC Services in the greater Houston Area
HVAC Services in the greater Houston Area


To Whom It May Concern:

Over the course of two to three years, my husband and I had attended various home shows and entertained a variety of home improvement estimates simply dreaming about "the right time". The right time for us meant a few things. It meant finding a high quality product, from a reputable company we could trust, at the right price. While I do have expensive taste, we're not rich. My husband and I are the typical middle class working family, with children in daycare, with a decent amount of debt, living paycheck to paycheck. After living in our "fixer upper" for more than a few years and watching our utility bills increase year after year, we were beginning to feel discouraged about how we would EVER begin to update our home.

Having seen a handful of window demonstrations in our home over the course of two years and getting estimates anywhere from the cheap $8,000 windows that didn't sound great, to the cheap Anderson Renewal $28,000 windows, which sounded great until we read the horror stories online about them, we knew we wanted quality windows, realistically knew we would pay more than $8,000 for them, but we didn't want to remortgage the house to get them. Then, Vince from Total Home Solutions came along!

Vince and the Park Avenue window product sold itself. Unlike previous demonstrations, we loved the design and the guaranteed heating savings. Without even knowing the price we were anxious to sign a contract. We were educated and realistic about what they were going to cost us, and while my estimation was slightly off, it didn't matter. We were sold! It was time to save on energy!  Our only disappointment was that we could only do half of our windows. They were installed and the finishing work was gorgeous! The best casing we have ever seen around a window. Little did I know that only getting half of our windows turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

After the install, Vince came back to do our inspection. He came to the house to check everything out, make sure everything was to our liking, and share some recent success that would enable us to get the remainder of our windows as requested. Since Total Home Solutions is in the gutter business, Vince commented on our gutters, asked why we chose that type, and asked if we had water damage in the past. Having extreme insulation issues, we of course, did. Vince then asked if it would be OK if he went upstairs to the second floor of our house and when he did it was exactly what he was trained to suspect.

Vince knew what we were told by the house inspector when we bought the home. Standing in our upstairs, where our children sleep, it was SO hot. Our house had little to no insulation in the attic and zero ventilation. In the summer our house was scorching hot because all of the heat was coming inside. Even with multiple window air conditioners, our house would not cool down until the middle of the night because the attic held so much heat.  In the winter, all of our heat was going out of the roof, causing ice damage. Believe it or not all of this was the least of our worries. Our heating fuel was oil, we were burning over 5,000 gallons a year, and paying $470 a month on a budget plan for a modest home. Deep down I knew that changing oil companies again for a lower rate wasn't the answer, but what choice did I have? We continued to let Vince take us down an amazing path!

While Vince surely wanted to sell us the rest of our windows, he knew that was not what we needed most. Suggesting we insulate our attic and install proper ventilation, we fell in love with the quality of Vince’s e-Shield product and work all over again. Another promise made good. We certainly didn't need to wait for winter to realize the benefits of this energy solution! WOW! It has been so wonderful going upstairs on a ninety degree day and taking note that it's no longer sweltering. It feels "room temperature" - finally - not too hot, not too cold - just right. We can also run our window air conditioner for 15-20 minutes to make a little cooler for the kids falling asleep and then turn it off for the night because it stays cool.

Now to make sure, this testimonial isn't too good to be true, as with many projects there can be minor issues. I have to tell you, there were only two concerns: 1) related to product installation; where the edge of our Ultramax needed to be sealed better in one small spot and 2) related to scheduling, and both issues were attended to and resolved immediately without question. It was beyond fine!

Now that our money is no longer going out through our roof, we have converting to natural gas, and were able to make our third purchase with Vince. We had the remainder of our windows installed before winter. If you're wondering where we came up with all of the money to make all this happen, you're reading all about it. Total Home Solutions explored different financing options for us, and truly took care of us and our home is what actually saved us money and enabled us to make all of this work. Making our house more energy efficient with Total Home Solutions made the cost of these upgrades per month not that much more per month than our monthly utility bill prior to our fuel conversion.

More recently, if you drive by our house, you noticed an even larger transformation to our home! Our fourth purchase with Vince and Total Home Solutions – SIDING!  Our house with new insulated siding is so attractive now that our Home Equity has risen incredibly and has only enabled us to do this additional work with Vince. The transformation was so amazing, that you have to see the pictures to believe it or just drive by!

Years ago while attending sales training, I learned that people buy from people they like. I truly like Vince and Total Home Solutions and the quality and ethics they stand by. We look forward to Vince's presence in our home. He’s been in our lives for so long at this point, that we consider him a friend. Because of Vince, our “fixer upper” is no longer a fixer upper, but it just so happens to need a portion of the basement, a new bathroom, and a new kitchen as some point. I wouldn’t trust this work to anyone other than Vince! We happily look forward to doing more business with Vince and would be honored to provide a reference to anyone considering doing business with him and Total Home Solutions.

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Jodi and Klaus H.