Interior Door Installations in the Capitol District Area

Interior Door Installations in the Capitol District Area

Although interior doors have the main function of giving you easy access from room to room, choosing an interior door that suits the architecture of your home also offers additional benefits. If your interior doors match the theme of your indoor environment, your property’s aesthetic appeal increases. Aside from this, it can even improve the functionality of the rooms in your home.

However, you need to purchase your interior doors from reliable brands to create the perfect atmosphere. After all, doors that are manufactured with a lot of thought are more durable and easy to maintain. That’s why, if you need interior doors for your the Capitol District Area property, contact Total Home Solutions. We’re authorized dealers and distributors of doors made by trusted brands like Thermal Doors & Windows and Therma Tru Doors.

Get the Best Interior Doors with Total Home Solutions

In order to serve homeowners with varying preferences, Total Home Solutions provides the following types of doors:

Bi-fold pantry doors. These are versatile doors that can be used in pantries or closets. They occupy very little floor space when opened and can separate large rooms when closed. They’re made from a variety of materials like wood, vinyl, and metal. You can even add panel details to enhance its appearance.

French doors. Even though French doors are often used to lead you out to the patio, they’re elegant options to separate your dining room from the living room. Their gorgeous appearance adds to your property’s aesthetic appeal, boosting its value.

Hollow doors. Hollow doors are perfect choices if you’re on a budget. They’re quite affordable – with many costing less than $50 – and fulfill the basic functions of connecting rooms and giving them privacy. They’re also lightweight, making them easy to install and transport.

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Solid Doors. Solid doors are extremely sturdy and are heftier than hollow and engineered doors. Their thickness makes them better insulators and noise barriers. Plus, burglars have more trouble breaking down solid doors, so they make great additions if you want to improve your home security.

Specialty Doors. If you want to add a touch of charm to your living spaces, specialty doors are what you’re looking for. They come in a variety of designs like barn and pocket doors. They’re also made with a space-saving feature due to their style of operation and size.

When you’re ready to install or replace an interior door in your home, give us a call at 518-730-7172. Our door experts will help you choose pieces that fit your property’s style and your budget. We’ll also deliver and install your purchase to ensure that it’s functioning properly once it’s in place.