Patio Door Installations in the Capitol District Area

Patio Door Installations in the Capitol District Area

If you have a beautiful backyard garden or an outdoor kitchen, installing a patio door is a great way to improve the use of the space. Not only does it make for easier access to the backayard, but it’s also a convenient way to move furniture in and out of your home. Unlike French and garden doors, patio doors slide left or right instead of opening outwards. This allows the patio door to occupy less space when being used.

If you intend to install a patio door in your the Capitol District Area property, don’t hesitate to contact Total Home Solutions. We’re knowledgeable on the variety of doors available on the market so we can help you find a patio door that fits your vision and budget.

The Benefits of Installing New Patio Doors

Aside from being an alternative entryway for your home, our patio doors offer the following benefits:

Brings the Outdoor Scenery Indoors

A patio door is large enough to encapsulate a beautiful view of your backyard garden or landscaping. You can easily enjoy a picturesque view of the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. In a way, this door acts like a convenient picture window but has the functionality of a door, so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Additional Lighting and Energy Efficiency

Since patio doors look and function like oversized windows, they will bathe the indoors with sunlight once installed. More natural light means that you’ll receive additional heat gain, which is beneficial to reducing your annual heating costs. Increased natural lighting also gives the illusion that the rooms appear bigger than they actually are. This gives you the advantage of expanding the interior space of your property in the most inexpensive ways.

Increased Home Security

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While most back doors only come with one lock, a patio door comes with a three-tier level of security. Aside from the built-in locking system, you have the option to equip a security bar and kick locks. These add-ons heighten the door’s strength, preventing intruders from breaking in.

Find the Perfect Patio Door with Total Home Solutions

Total Home Solutions offers two types of patio doors: double patio and slider patio doors. Our door specialists will guide you through our options and help you select one that suits your home environment and your budget. Afterwards, our fully licensed and certified technicians will deliver your new door right to your doorstep, as well as install it for you. Give us a call at 518-730-7172 for a free estimate today.