Storm Doors in the Capitol District Area

Many homeowners rarely include storm doors in their home renovation or construction plans. However, installing storm doors in your property is an investment you shouldn’t just pass up. Storm doors are designed to protect your front door by minimizing the damage produced by rain, hail, snow, and ice. They also allow you to keep your main door open because the screen inserts prevent bugs and other debris from coming into your home.

To experience the full potential of a storm door, you need to ensure that it’s made by a trusted brand. It’s useless relying on a cheap product if it starts showing signs of wear and tear after a few days. If you’re looking for quality storm doors in the Capitol District Area, contact Total Home Solutions today. We distribute excellent doors made by manufacturers like Thermal Windows & Doors and Therma Tru Doors.

Other Benefits of a Storm Door

Aside from keeping your front door safe from bad weather, storm doors offer other advantages that improve your home environment and savings. Some of the benefits of having storm doors include:

Cheaper Repairs and Replacement

A storm door may not be the most affordable home improvement option, but maintaining them gets cheaper in the long run. Most storm doors last up to 25 to 50 years, and when it’s time to repair or replace them, the cost is fairly inexpensive. The initial price is but a minor inconvenience to a long term storm damage solution.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing to install a storm door with glass coverings will help reduce your electrical cost. If your entry door is already energy efficient, adding storm doors will increase the energy efficiency of your property. 

Added Layer of Home Security

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With your main entry being protected by a storm door, burglars will have to go through two barriers before they can make it indoors. Having one more obstacle to conquer should discourage intruders from proceeding, especially if the storm door makes noise if they hit it by accident. It might be a silly thought, but you can’t take any chances if you want to protect your family and property.

Contact Total Home Solutions at 518-730-7172 if you’re ready to fortify your exterior doors with storm doors. Our door specialists will be glad to guide you through our options, which include:

  • Full glass
  • Half glass
  • Built-in retractable screens

Once you’ve made a purchase, our fully licensed and certified technicians will deliver and install your new storm doors for you. Our installation procedure is fast and efficient, so you can enjoy using your storm door the moment it’s installed.