Custom Asphalt in the Capitol District Area

The roof of your property keeps you safe from the outside elements, so you have to be smart in choosing a material if you’re looking for a replacement. However, with so many options to select from, you might have difficulty searching for the right one. Nevertheless, if you want something that’s popular among homeowners, custom asphalt is a definite option.

Custom asphalt has graced properties all over the country. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also very affordable. They have more shape, unlike the flat 3-tab, which will significantly boost your property’s curb appeal.

Apart from its appearance and price, custom asphalt still has a lot of things to offer. These include:

The Variety

One of the greatest things about custom asphalt is its level of customization. It’s available in various color palettes, shapes, forms, and angles, which other roofing materials can’t offer. Because of its numerous varieties, custom asphalt can suit many kinds of home themes.

Durable and Fire Resistant Nature

Custom asphalt can withstand high winds, strong rain, and heat damage. It can also come with a Class 4 impact resistance rating – the highest attainable rating for roofs. Plus, fiberglass mat asphalt roofs can achieve a Class A fire rating, so they’re able to stop fires from spreading all over your property.

Smart Roofing Choice

Since custom asphalt is durable, attractive, and quite affordable, it’s an excellent roofing choice in regard to its cost-to-value. This means that you can give your home quality protection and stay in budget at the same time.

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