Board and Batten Siding in the Capitol District Area

Board and Batten Siding in the Capitol District Area

One of the most attractive siding options you can find on the market today is board and batten siding. This material uses narrow strips of wood, known as the battens, and boards to create an exterior pattern that’s similar to a barn. Because of its unique appearance, it appeals to many homeowners who are for going for that outdoor or country vibe.

However, there’s more to this material than its aesthetic appeal. With a quality board and batten siding installed on your property, you’ll receive the following advantages:

  • Versatility – This material can be installed either vertically or horizontally. This means that it can create an attractive aesthetic, no matter what your style preference is.
  • Longevity – Board and batten siding can withstand exterior and inclement weather damage, so it’ll protect your property with no problem. If it’s well maintained, it’ll last for many years.
  • Easy to replace – When this material gets damaged, you don’t need to strip and replace every piece. You can purchase replacement boards and battens only for the affected area, keeping its maintenance cost down.
  • Increased home value – Because of this siding’s attractive and durable nature, your home’s value will increase. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, investing in board and batten siding now will definitely bump up your property’s price.

With all the perks that come with a board and batten siding, you probably want to install this material on your home. However, doing this by yourself isn’t recommended because the procedure is time consuming and tricky. Thankfully, you can enjoy the benefits of this material if you contact Total Home Solutions for help.  Not only are we your trusted home improvement company in upstate New York, but we also offer reliable siding installation services in the community.

Our siding experts are experienced working with board and batten siding, so you can expect it to be installed properly and fast. Just give us a call at 518-730-7172 today for free estimates or if you have other questions regarding this service.

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