Awning Windows in the Capitol District Area

Awning Windows in the Capitol District Area

Awning windows may look like your traditional casement windows, but there’s one major difference. Instead of a side hinge, they use a top hinge that causes them to open outward from the bottom. This design gives the windows an awning effect (hence the name), which allows them to protect the indoors from the weather while still being able to provide excellent ventilation.

Awning windows are still very popular and can fit most home styles. However, in order to fully appreciate their functionality, you need to purchase your awning windows from a reliable source, like Total Home Solutions. So, if you’re looking for high-quality awning windows in the Capitol District Area, contact Total Home Solutions today. We have a variety of awning window options for you, all of which are made from trusted window manufacturing brands.

Additionally, our windows are designed to improve your home's comfort and style by providing you the following benefits:

Come with Weather-Tight Seals

Whether opened or closed, awning windows will protect your property from elements like rain and moisture. Their weather-tight seal construction prevents water from seeping into the building. What’s more, their superior seal keeps pleasant air from escaping and unwanted air from entering, making them energy efficient.

Enhance Home Privacy

Awning windows might be smaller than other types of windows, but that puts them at an advantage. Their size allows them to be placed higher, closing off a good portion of the wall. With that said, awning windows are the perfect windows to install in bathrooms, as well as other rooms that require privacy, ventilation, and light.

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Boost Curb Appeal

The unique look of awning windows makes properties more attractive. Not to mention, they give homes a fresh, contemporary look since newer pieces come in a variety of features, sizes and styles.

If your property needs awning windows installed, give us a call at 518-730-7172. Our window experts will guide you through you our options, and help you pick ones that fit your home’s style and your budget. Then, our fully licensed and certified technicians will deliver and install your new windows for you. At Total Home Solutions, we have the experience and are armed with the necessary equipment to ensure that your new windows will work properly once installed. Contact us today to claim a free estimate!