Garden Window Installations in the Capitol District Area

Garden Windows in the Capitol District Area

One of the best windows you can get for showcasing the beauty of your backyard is the garden window. This type of window gives you the right amount of viewing space, while also providing you with an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Plus, it juts out into the yard, giving your property a unique appearance.

However, because of how it’s designed, the garden window has greater exposure to the elements. If you plan to purchase one, you need to make sure that its material won’t chip, crack, peel, or require constant painting.

Thus, if you’re looking for high-quality garden windows in upstate New York, contact Total Home Solutions. Our garden windows, as well as other window installation options, are made by trusted window manufacturers who create excellent, quality pieces.

The Advantages of a High-Quality Garden Window

A garden window might seem like just a simple addition to your property, but its advantages greatly improve the indoor environment and home comfort.

Additional Shelf Space

Since the window juts outward, it creates additional shelf space. The shelves make for a great place to store decorative plants or small sculptures, which gives your property’s interior aesthetic a boost. It’s also the perfect place to put your spices since garden windows are typically installed over kitchen sinks.

Improved Ventilation and Lighting

One garden window is comprised of 4 panes of glass, so you’ll be able to receive natural light from various angles. Additionally, the side windows are operational, allowing ample air flow to enter your home.

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Simple Installation

The great thing about a garden window is that it’s quick and simple to install compared to other options. It comes in an easy-to-install kit that fits into any existing window space.

At Total Home Solutions, our window experts are well-versed with all types of windows, so we're able to install any type of window properly and fast. With our professional window specialists taking care of the job, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your new garden window much sooner. Contact us at 518-730-7172 today and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.