Picture Window Installations in Upstate New York

Picture Window Installations in Upstate New York

Picture windows are pretty impossible to go unnoticed. Their large size gives onlookers a unique glimpse of the indoors, so homes that have them are instantly recognizable. Picture windows also make any property look grand, easily increasing its curb appeal. In addition, they’re easy to maintain because they don’t have any mechanical parts that need constant repairs.

However, picture windows don’t fit every home. They’re usually found in buildings that have high or vaulted ceilings. If your property can accommodate a picture window and you’re interested in getting one, contact Total Home Solutions today. Our window experts will help you choose a picture window style that suits your home’s theme, as well as fits your needs and your budget.

The Beauty of Picture Windows

Adding a picture window will certainly help beautify your property, but selecting the perfect window will do more than just make your building stand out. That’s why Total Home Solutions has partnered with well-known and trusted window brands to give you picture windows with the following benefits:

Cheap for Its Size

Picture windows are large, but their price is much cheaper compared to other types of windows that share the same size. These windows are fixed, meaning they don’t have any movable parts. They’re also made with less hardware, so they’re inexpensive to create.

Better Heat Gain and Lighting

With a bigger pane of glass installed on the wall, you’ll receive better heat gain and lighting. This feature is quite beneficial during winter because heat from the sun is magnified, warming up the indoors. It also stops you from using your heating systems too much, which helps reduce your heating costs.

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Gorgeous Unobstructed Views

The best thing about owning a picture window is the unparalleled view you get. You’ll get the full scenery of the outdoors without any obstructions.

Let Total Home Solutions Handle the Installation

Contact Total Home Solutions at 518-730-7172 if you’re ready to purchase a picture window for your home. Our fully licensed and certified technicians will deliver it for you, as well as install it on-site. Our professionals are trained in working fast and careful to ensure that your piece is properly affixed to your home. All of Total Home Solutions’ services are available to properties in Upstate New York.